4 Essential Qualities of a Good Straightening Brush

The image you portray is enough for somebody to judge you, and the impression one gets when you have an unkempt hair is that you are dirty and do not pay attention to how you look. Don’t give people the wrong impression of you by making sure your hair looks tidy always. To have a neat and well-brushed hair, you need a good hair brush. With the several options available in the market today, you will have to do some research to help you make the right decision. When buying a straightening brush, your primary concern should be your hair. A good brush should not damage your hair.

Below are some things to check out for when buying straightening brushes:

Check on the bristles

Having a straightening brush with the right bristles is paramount if you want to achieve a smooth and sleek hair. The bristles should be of high quality to prevent them from breaking easily as this will force you to replace your brush often. Go for straightening brushes with nylon bristles if you have a sensitive scalp to avoid hurting it. The ball tipped bristles are also good for hair that tangles easily while straitening. You need to protect your hair from being damaged, and so it is necessary to avoid brushes with the wrong bristles.

Make sure that the handle is comfortable

Styling your hair is likely going to make your hand tired. It’s even worse if you have a straightening brush whose handle is not comfortable. Go for brushes whose handles don’t require you to exert a lot of pressure during styling. You could also buy brushes whose handles are cushioned as these tend to be more comfortable.


Choose your brush depending o the length of your hair. What works for shorter hair may not work well for long hair. A flat brush would be ideal for short or medium length hair while a roller brushes work well on long hair. Using the right brush for the right hair enables you to achieve the best result.

Check out the plates

Plates get heated, and they are the part that gets into contact with your hair. You need to choose a straightening brush with the right plates so that your hair is not damaged. A quality brush will use heating mechanisms that help regulate the heat that gets to your hair. Go for straightening brushes whose plates use ceramic or tourmaline heating technologies.

It is possible to achieve a brushed straight hair with the right kind of straightening brush. Having the right brush will keep your hair safe and will save you from constantly replacing your brush. Keep the above factors in mind every time you are out shopping for a new hair brush.