Cooking Can Be Fun When You Have The Right Equipment

Cooking rice is a common practice in Asia. Rice is rich in carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals.  Rice is cooked using water or steam and sometimes boiled and mixed throughout until cooked. Because of its high nutritional value, it is consumed at a high rate and regularly. However, the cooking methods have been improvised with time making it much easier and convenient.

All around Asia, rice is cooked and different kinds of dishes are made depending on the place. For example, risotto, arros negre, sushi, rice pudding, sweet dishes and many more can be made by choosing an appropriate method to cook, common ingredient being rice. Many users have been using rice cookers for cooking and lately electric cookers have also come into practice.

The advantage of using electric cookers to other cooking methods is the automatic shut off system. The best rice cooker in 2016 automatically stops cooking once the rice is done, and what more, it keeps the rice warm until you eat. High end models of rice cookers even have setting where you can pre choose the time to start cooking. Many advanced models have come up in the market to suit the customer’s requirement. They are multifunctional which can be used to cook vegetables too. You can cook rice for 10 people at a time with an electric cooker with good capacity and its easy maintenance makes cooking a happy experience.

Many functions to choose from

When you say it’s multifunctional, it can cook rice, porridge, cake, sushi, poultry, multi grain dishes, meat or stew, the options are unlimited. Apart from cooking, rice cooker has some other options which can make cooking much easier like timer which lets you adjust the amount of time to be cooked, pressure adjustment facility which allows you to adjust it suited to the dish specifically. You can even sauté the ingredients in addition to cook. All you have to do is to choose the sauté option present. If you don’t like the customized options you can always choose the manual option to cook according to your choice.

While multifunctional cookers cost you more, you can choose specific electric cookers for lower cost if the other options are not useful to you with basic options like keeping warm and timer. These are all the technical aspects of the electric cooker. Some other crude features of an electric cooker to be looked upon when purchasing one are non stick pans that are present on the surface of the cookers. They prevent sticking of rice to cooker and make cleaning easier. Lids which are made of glass are preferred as they allow you to see if the rice is cooked or not.  Some cookers include steamer trays which are handy to steam vegetables which make cooking much convenient.