Detailed Information About Wireless Portable Speakers

Are you a music lover? Do you love to enjoy music on the go? If yes, then wireless portable speakers are especially for you. Wireless portable speakers are very popular nowadays. It is the latest version of digital speakers. This device plays media from any content source such as laptop, tablet, Smartphone and any device with enabled Bluetooth. Wireless portable speakers provide high volume of sound. They consume lower amount of power. These speakers run on a rechargeable battery. To know more, you can visit


In most wireless speakers, Bluetooth is used for audio streaming. There are many reasons for this, first reason is that Bluetooth consumes very low power thus it is ideal for mobile phones, tablets and laptops. It puts very low strain on the battery. You can find Bluetooth in most of the digital portable devices. That is the reason for higher popularity of Bluetooth speakers.


The demand and popularity of Bluetooth speakers is increasing day by day because of the features they have-

  • Portable – Bluetooth speakers come in different sizes. You can take these speakers anywhere you want. While travelling, you can enjoy music with the help of these wireless speakers. You can use them even on picnic or carry them with you on camping.
  • Rechargeable battery – Wireless portable speakers have rechargeable battery that requires very low power for charging. Higher quality battery can continuously work for 48 hours. You don’t have to use any external adaptor. This feature is not there in normal speakers. You can even replace the batteries whenever you want. All this proves that Bluetooth speakers are highly efficient.
  • Versatile – Bluetooth speakers are versatile. You can use them with different audio devices. It can use mobile, laptop, tablet, etc. as audio source. The advanced features of Bluetooth speakers make them more versatile.

How it works?

Bluetooth offers wireless connectivity to the devices. It allows different devices to get connected and share data. Bluetooth works by transmitting and receiving radio signals or radio waves. When you connect your Smartphone with Bluetooth speaker, the mobile phone transmits the radio signals to the Bluetooth speaker. The Bluetooth speakers then receive these radio signals and process them to produce sound. After this they also amplify the sound to provide you better sound quality.

Other wireless protocols

Bluetooth is not the only wireless protocol that is used in wireless speakers. There are many others also that are listed below-

  • Wifi – Wifi is a popular wireless connectivity protocol that is widely used in different digital devices nowadays. Wifi streaming provides better features and services to the wireless speakers. Wifi speakers provide excellent sound with higher resolution. Wifi allows wider and larger audio transmission even more than the Bluetooth. It offers quick connectivity between different devices. In Smart phones, laptops and tablets, you may have wifi connectivity. Thus, you can buy a wifi speaker and enjoy music on the go.
  • NFC – Near Field Communication is a popular wireless protocol for digital speakers. But it has one disadvantage of its limited range. That is why it is less popular than Bluetooth and wifi.