How to be Smart With Instagram Automation

People have a tendency to think that bots are their only option whenever they fail to reach their social media marketing goals. By targeting certain audiences using generic hashtags and other classification methods, automation can help you reach a new audience who may decide to follow you. However, if not handled carefully, bots can reflect badly on your brand. Do not forget that Instagram is on a warpath with automation tools, as experienced with the shut down of Instagress and Mass planner among other platforms. Therefore, you need to understand where to draw the line with Instagram automation. This article highlights some important tips on how to be smart with Instagram Automation.

Weigh the options

Before you automate your account, take the time to ponder different options and see if there is an alternative that would work for you. Weigh the risks of automation against the rewards and see if the risk is worth taking. If you decide that you still want to automate, ensure that you avoid making ordinary mistakes and get the best out of your marketing strategy.


Learn everything or at least anything you can about bots. There are many rules governing automation as well as ways through which you can automate your account but still appear authentic. Bots are designed to carry out specific tasks, hence, do not expect all bots to work in the same manner or deliver the same results. What LeadFriend can do is different from what iDigic can do. Visit Spire and learn more about different bots from the detailed reviews to help you make an informed decision.

Set up a charming profile

When you follow or comment on posts, before anyone decides to follow you back, they will first click on your profile picture. Make sure you have an appealing profile picture that may entice the user to look deeper into your account. Not many people are interested in an account with no profile picture or one that is blurred. To make your profile more appealing, create an eye-catching bio. Talk about yourself, what you do, and also include some call to action phrases. Considering that you have identified your target audience, there is a high likelihood of getting new follows if more users keep landing on your page. Therefore, make your page as attractive as possible by posting engaging content regularly as well as being on top of the most recent trends.

Schedule posts in the right manner

It’s quite demanding to create new and engaging content every day. You are likely to wake up one day with nothing clicking and end up with nothing compelling to post whereas on other days you may get overwhelmed by ideas. Therefore, scheduling your posts allows you to plan in advance and dedicate more time to creating new and interesting content.