How To Hold A Successful Instagram Contest

Engagement is one of the sure ways to grow an Instagram account. Holding an Instagram contest is among the most effective ways to increase the engagement rate. A contest is simply a platform where you have some freebies that you want your followers to win. Some of the things that people can win include discounts, coupons, digital products, physical products or even a free pass to a paid platform. There are some who have registered success in this area while others flop as they do not know what makes a good contest. The following are simple tips on how to hold a successful Instagram contest.

Highlight your goals

You have to determine what you want to achieve at the end of the contest. Examples of target goals can be to increase the number of followers, increase engagement, increase conversion rates or even introduce a new product. The ultimate goal is the one that determines the type of strategy to apply. There are many contest ideas that you can use for your campaign to be successful. A good example will be commenting or liking a post. You can also think about user-generated content where the most creative posts win a prize.

Automate some functions

Holding a contest attracts many Instagram users which can be demanding when it comes to meeting all their needs. You may be required to inbox each and every entrant indicating that he or she has been entered into a random draw. The process can tiresome and may find yourself spending more time on social media management rather than your business. You can only escape this hustle when you automate some functions such as posting, liking other people’s post and sending direct messages. Trust Advisor reviews of the best bots that you can use to run a successful contest.

Have analytics tools

You have to come up with a way of knowing whether your efforts are paying off. If you need new followers, you can analyze the outcome after a few days to know if you are on the right track. The measuring tool will depend on your end goal. You can know the areas that need improvement before the situation gets out of hand. Use the data that you get from this contest to make informed decisions in the future. Your goals should be achievable and realistic and backed up with a good research. Ensure that the prize is good enough to entice people to participate.