How To Market Your YouTube Channel On Instagram

Times have changed and we now have social media and internet which were not in existence a few decades ago. Despite the high competition between various social networks, some have turned out to be complimentary which has eased various business functions such as marketing. YouTube is a huge social platform that registers millions of visitors every day. You can use this platform to showcase your expertise if you are in the service industry, market your music if you are an artist, offer advice as a motivational speaker or even demonstrate how to use various products. The following are simple ways through which you can market your YouTube channel on Instagram

    1. Brand your Instagram photos

Copyright issues are very common in the online space and you may find people using your content without your consent. You can avoid copying by ensuring that you brand all your videos and images using watermarks and logos. The watermarks can be the name of your YouTube channel, your logo or company colors. People will have an urge to click your channel as long as you have attractive content that keeps them glued. Tag active followers of your page on your posts and encourage them to share the content with their followers as well.

    1. Post teasers on your Instagram page

Instagram has a limit on the length of a video that you can upload. However, you cannot post direct links in your posts which means fewer people will land on your YouTube channel. The only option is to provide a link to your latest upload through your bio section. Upload a clip of the best part of your video and then advice followers to get the whole clip on your YouTube channel. Ensure that the teasers are in the right dimensions to avoid creating the wrong picture to the audience.

    1. Take advantage of trending hashtags

You already know that hashtags make your content more visible and anyone following that hashtag can land on your page. Look for the trending hashtags and use them in a clever way to increase visitors to your page. Use the same hashtags on your YouTube channel as this also raises the chances of people landing on your site as well.

Once you have done all these, you can then automate some functions such as posting, liking posts and engaging followers. You do not have to worry because Anne Keiley has reviewed some of the best automation tools to make marketing easy.