Let Your Parrot Enjoy To The Fullest By Getting The Best Cage

Keeping and nurturing a pet or birds is a common practice of these days and many people choose parrot for the same. But bringing the parrot home is not the only thing that you need to do for nurturing your feathered friend, you also need to make various arrangements for his necessities like arranging for his daily food, his own house (cage) etc.

Be vigilant while purchasing the cage for your parrot

If you are stepping forward to purchase the parrot’s cage, then you must be sure about various things and the first thing in the list is the exterior of the cage. Ensure that cage is not coated with the regular paint as parrot very often takes the bars of the cage in his beak, thus consuming intoxicants which might disturb his behavior or even prove to be the cause behind his last breath. Thus, it is advisable to consider the product that claims to be safe. You may also go for purchasing the stainless steel parrot cages. Few of the other things that you need to look for while purchasing the parrots cage are listed below –

  • Size of the cage consider a large and big cage for your parrot, as it would provide enough space to your feathered friend for roaming around.
  • Space between bars of the cage – the space between the bars should be enough to resist the escape of the parrot. It is to be noted that the bars should not be too much tight as the parrot generally makes an attempt to escape and as a result he might get his head stuck between the bars.
  • Horizontal bars and swing – parrots like to climb and the horizontal bars and swing help them to do the same. It is advisable to go for two or three horizontal bars only. Swing also serves as a seat for parrots on which they can easily relax and sit.

If you wish to give your pet added comfort then you can go for the flight cages that are large enough to allow the parrots to fly. As they are large, they are also expensive. Dome tops is a less expensive version of the flight cages as they offer less room for flying. If you wish you can also get the cages that have an additional play area with swings and other toys for bird entertainment.

Know about travel cages

Travel cages are specially designed for being used while traveling. It is to be noted that they are not good for being used as the home cage as they are comparatively small in size. Travel cages are light in weight, thus you can easily carry them with you even for long distance. The best part of the travel cages is that they can easily be stored when they are not in use. They can easily be folded and turned into a small cage which can be easily stored under a bed, in garage etc. as it will not occupy much of the space.