The Phases of Any Commercial Construction Project

Whether you are adding an extension or paving the office driveway, you need to make sure to plan your project the right way. Even if you are an experienced project manager you might find yourself struggling with the various aspects that a construction project brings. You can never be 100 percent ready for the realities of any construction project, regardless of the size. Let us look at the phases that you need to consider to make any commercial construction in Blackpool a success.


You need to start off by assembling the people that will be responsible for the project. Understand the overall structure of the company and communicate the goals of the project. Check any documentation and evaluate the conditions of the site. Know the limitations and any hiccups that might occur and align yourself with the local safety and code requirements. Know the type of permits you will need and plan on how to get them.

Meet With the Builders

This is the time to meet with the architects and designers to find out whether your idea is feasible or not. Having an experienced designer and engineer makes it easy for you to get an estimate of what the overall project will cost. With the help of these experts, you can come up with a budget draft.

Documentation and Preconstruction

This is the time your team has to sit down and approve the final design. You have to communicate this design to the decision makers and iron out any potential issues that have come up. This reduces the risks right from the start and make sure you beat the deadline. Prepare and hand in all the required paperwork.

Construction and Review

This is the last phase of the project and definitely the longest. You need to monitor the construction and make sure the project is going as expected. Expect various hurdles along the way and make sure you have ways to mitigate the hurdles.  Make sure all the stakeholders are aware of what is going on and know of any changes you make.

Top Tip

Make sure you work with a reputable company that understands your needs and makes sure you meet the deadline. DG Construction Blackpool has a pool of experts who are ready to work with you right from the first phase to the last. When you give them the opportunity to handle your construction, you put your worries aside – you are in capable hands.