Tips in Buying and Maintaining your Cheap Micky Mouse Waffle Maker

Everyone loves waffles in the morning and kids especially love them when they are presented well. That is why many moms are now preparing waffles in different shapes and sizes. One of the most popular waffle shapes is the Mickey Mouse shape.

The main reason why this is very popular is because you can get such food items from Disney World. So, if you have taken your children for a Disney tour adventure, you can only expect them to beg you to make them Mickey Mouse waffles at home.

With that said, it would be best if you can find a good and reliable cheap micky mouse waffle maker. It shouldn’t be hard to do that as there are several stores – both offline and online that sell such waffle makers.

Basics of Mickey Mouse Waffle Makers

Generally, a Mickey Mouse waffle maker has non-stick baking plates that would be very ideal because it would yield great results and it would be easy to clean. Also, it basically bakes a 7 inch waffle shaped like Mickey Mouse’s head.

There are some Mickey Mouse waffle makers that also have light indicators with Mickey’s shape. Another great feature to lookout for when buying this special waffle maker is to find one with elegant finish – like brushed stainless steel.

The basic specifications of a Mickey Mouse waffle maker are: can produce one large waffle shaped like Mickey Mouse’s face; light indicator that lets you know your waffle is cooked; non-slip rubber stands or feet; 800 watts of electric power; non-stick cooking plates; and can be used for both pancake and waffle batter.

It is always a good idea to be a little vigilant when buying kitchen appliances. Ease of cleaning should always be a factor to consider. With the wide availability of non-snick products in the market today, it should be on the top of your list to make sure that the cooking surface of your waffle maker is made of non-stick material.

There are a few things that you should always keep in mind after using your non-stick waffle maker. Always be careful about the cleanup process. Do not submerge the waffle maker in water as this could cause damage to the heating unit. Cleaning should be a breeze; just wipe it with paper towel or damp sponge and you are done and ready to store it away.

Lastly, keep in mind that the non-stick surface of your waffle maker lets your waffles slide easily off the grid once cooked. That means there’s no need to use a spatula to get your waffle off the cooking plate and into your dining plate. In case you feel the need for a spatula, make sure you will use a wooden one, just to be sure that you would scrape off the non-stick material from your waffle maker’s cooking surface.