To Lose Weight or Not?

If the person next to you looks stunning, you might feel the need to compare them to yourself.

Are you as good-looking? As confident? As pretty?

It’s also possible that you will feel the need to compare your weight with the person you admire. If they seem thinner, you might want to get rid of those extra pounds to be a bit like them.

Like them, you also want to look good that as soon as you enter a room, everyone inside can’t stop looking at you.

Is it the best idea, though?

Yes, You Should Lose Weight

On one hand, losing weight means you need to exercise. And it is through exercise that you will look and feel more beautiful.

And apart from weight loss, exercise comes with a plethora of health benefits. It boosts your immune system, improves blood flow, lowers your risk of developing chronic illnesses, and more. Simply put, exercise is good for you!

Then again, if you decide to exercise, make sure to create – and follow – a regular schedule. Don’t just do it once then feel as if you’ve done enough.

Otherwise, you’ll end up discouraged that you do not see results. Just be patient and the results you desire will soon come your way.

You Shouldn’t

On the other hand, you shouldn’t aim to lose weight just because someone seems thinner. If this is the case, you’ll be trying to achieve your goal for the wrong reasons.

For all you know, they’re actually not thinner than you. Or maybe they’re battling some weight-related illness such as bulimia.

And let’s say they are thinner. If so, it shouldn’t influence the way you behave.

Comparing your body weight to another person’s body weight simply opens up unnecessary problems for your mental health. By the looks of it, you already have low self-esteem and you’re feeding it if you choose to go through with this. And you might start obsessing over getting thin that you end up taking unhealthy weight loss pills.

So be better. Ditch the idea of weight loss with this in mind. Rather than focus on how thin someone seems, focus on yourself.

The Bottom Line

What you choose is up to you. Just remember that your weight is less important. What matters more is who you are on the inside.

A person who has a wonderful personality is always a golden snowflake. If they’re kind, understanding, and compassionate, it’s hard not to see the sunshine in them. As long as their heart is good, you can tell they’re worth keeping.